Creative Process


1. Preparation

I begin as if I am preparing a sermon, just a visual one. I read the text(s), study them, take notes, and begin sketching compositions that might illuminate the scripture(s) visually. I always have a plan prior to worship, but never know exactly how the painting will emerge.

2. Collaboration

As much as possible, I love collaborating with the preacher and worship leaders to ensure that the verbal and visual proclamations are cohesive.

3. Proclamation

I often begin painting at the start of worship, during the prelude or opening music, and continue throughout the entire service, pausing during prayers. Painting throughout the entire service (instead of only during the sermon) allows worshipers time to adjust their gaze so that the painting is not distracting, but instead becomes part of the natural rhythm of the service. This also allows for me to have as much time as possible to develop the painting.

4. Execution

Though I try to complete as much of the painting as possible during worship, I often stay a few hours after the service to complete the piece. I hope you will be able to display the artwork in your congregation and aim to offer you my best work within a concentrated amount of time.



"Lisle Gwynn Garrity is a rare, unique find in the art world. I have seen her in action at my own church, where, “live” during the delivery of a Sunday morning sermon, she created a beautiful piece reflecting the scripture and sermon of the day. She is a special soul to be able to tap into art for an individual need, as well as needs for a church or entire congregation."

-Elizabeth Mills, member of Davidson College Presbyterian Church, Davidson, NC.


"I've had the opportunity to watch Lisle bring scripture and faith to life through live painting at the Montreat Youth Conference, The NEXT Church Conference and the congregation where I serve. God in the Spirit breathes something holy, sacred and hope-filled through her work."

-Rev. Andy Acton, associate pastor at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, Duluth, GA



"Lisle interpreted scripture through a live painting experience during two successive worship services during Advent at Decatur Presbyterian Church. The first week she interpreted Luke 21:25-28 with powerful colors and the roaring of sea and waves. The next week, Lisle transformed the first painting into a smooth highway in the wilderness, based on Luke 3:1-6. The congregation was astounded by her work.  Not only our worship experience, but also our understanding of the Advent themes were deepened and enriched by Lisle's creativity and biblical imagination. We definitely want to engage Lisle for another meaningful occasion." 

-Rev. Dr. Todd Speed, Senior Pastor at Decatur Presbyterian Church, Decatur, GA



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