Live Painting

Lisle creates live art for worship, conferences, and private events. 


Lisle leads retreats of all kinds for congregations and conferences with large-scale communal art activities integrated into the retreat program.


Commission Lisle to create art, banners, or videos for your church or personal collection.

Lisle Gwynn Garrity, MDiv, MAPT | (pronounced like "Lyle")

As an artist, retreat leader, and worship consultant, Lisle works with communities of all kinds across the nation. She is the founder and creative director of A Sanctified Art LLC, a collaborative arts ministry providing multimedia resources for churches. Having completed Master's degrees in Divinity and Practical Theology (with specialization in arts and theology), she approaches her work as an artist primarily through the lenses of pastor and theologian. Residing in Black Mountain, North Carolina, with her husband and pup, Max, she has a deep love for exploring mountains, creative opportunities of all kinds, and new ways to be church. Her work and writings have been featured in Reformed Worship, Call to Worship, and Presbyterians Today.

Lisle leads retreats for groups of all kinds (around varying themes), offers live painting for worship and events, and creates commissioned art for churches and individual collectors.

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"Paint the truth, but paint it slant."

Inspired by Emily Dickinson's famous line, "Tell the truth, but tell it slant," this phrase encapsulates Lisle's unique painting style. She is drawn to natural and abstract imagery to evoke the mystery and depth of approaching faith with eyes wide open. Her works illuminate scripture through the emotive power of color, light, movement, and simple forms. Shying away from literal imagery or mere illustration, she paints to create space for viewers: space to imagine, space to reflect, space to feel, space to breathe. Creating most of her work "live" in spaces of worship, Lisle considers the creative process a sacred journey best shared with others. 

"I'm most interested in the space between the real and the imagined. I don't really aim for exact rendering, but I also can't work entirely from inside my head. Each stroke is a conversation between the two extremes."

recent work

God in the Spirit breathes something holy, sacred and hope-filled through Lisle’s work. She is also gifted at empowering others (regardless of their level of artistic talent and expertise) to use art to express the messages the Spirit has put on their hearts, thus creating space for God’s beloved community to be both imagined and made into reality.

—Rev. Andy Acton, Duluth, GA