“What does it mean to say yes to the power of being an artist-in-community? It can be very risky.  It means saying yes to the unknown, to relationships that form us in surprising and uncontrollable ways. . . .

It is recognizing that none of us is yet finished becoming who we will be, and that our lifework is to follow this path of becoming who we are called to be until our last breath.” 
—Nancy Chinn

from Spaces for Spirit: Adorning the Church (Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications, 1989)


Lisle travels widely to serve as a short-term artist-in-residence with churches and communities of faith. Over the course of 2-5 days, Lisle offers unique presentations on arts and faith, guides groups in creating large-scale art together, and creates live art during worship. This combination of events and programs allows for communities to see, experience, and explore the impact of art in our lives of faith.Residencies are crafted to serve the needs and interests of your community. Lisle approaches her work with communities as a theologian, artist, and pastor. Art is simply the means to connect more deeply to our faith, God, and one another. 

Arts retreats are an opportunity for your church or community to explore connections between creativity, collaboration, and faith. Members of all ages and experience levels are invited to participate to foster intergenerational relationships. Programs include visual presentations, individual creative exploration, and hands-on collaborative work in groups.Retreats are crafted around a theme or liturgical season specific to the desires of your community. Over the course of one or two days, your group will create large-scale liturgical art to visually express your journey exploring a theological theme.


"Our congregation was blessed to have Lisle live paint during worship and facilitate a banner workshop in fall 2015.  Lisle's creative spirit encouraged and empowered our members to create banners of which they are proud and were honestly surprised they could make. From people who feel they have no creative talents, Lisle brought forth creative energies. Her presence and artistic offering in worship elevated our worship experience by inviting parishioners to engage with worship in a new way and see the service come to life. Lisle's spiritual and artistic gifts compliment one another and invite each person around her to join in creative worship."
—Rev. Ashley Drake Mertz, Evergreen, AL

"Lisle led our congregation’s first-ever liturgical arts retreat about three years ago. Everyone who met her was amazed by her abounding creativity and generous spirit. The unexpected gift, however, was Lisle’s commitment to use her gifts to help us to discover our own. Now three years later, the gifts Lisle inspired us to see continue to flourish among us. We are thrilled she’s coming back for another weekend later this year!"
—Rev. John Leggett, Harrisonburg, VA

General Retreats

In addition to arts retreats, Lisle leads retreats of all kinds for congregations, youth, and special groups. Retreats incorporate art elements and hands-on creative activities to deepen exploration of retreat theme. Lisle's presentations are multi-media, informal, and participatory. Book Lisle to lead your women's, congregational, or youth retreat.

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